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The School of Credit Mastery is an 8 week Credit Masterclass designed to educate you on the practical steps to acheiving over a 700+ Credit Score so you can obtain easier financing approvals, lower interest rates, and build financial freedom.

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Transform Your Credit to 700+

95% of credit repair tutorials and companies send out 1 identical letter per month and get little to no results. This masterclass will show you why those outdated methods no longer work, and the secret sauce that makes The School of Credit Mastery's credit repair process extremely effective in removing negative items.

The School of Credit Mastery

Proven Credit Repair Process

Proven Systems

1. Advanced data suppression techniques

2. Removing innacurate personal identifiers

3. Challenging vs. Disputing negative items and why it matters

4. Applying pressure to Creditors and Credit Bureaus with proven tactics that work based on your rights through the Fair Credit Reporting Act laws.

Exclusive Credit Community

Stay connected with our experts, as well as other credit mastery students who are on the same path of credit restoration and financial freedom.

Online Video Training

Over 45+ lessons of in depth video modules breaking down the exact steps we take to restore our students credit to above 700.

Downloadable Resources

When you join The School of Credit Mastery, you will have access to our full library of exclusive letter templates, credit repair guides, and more!

Credit Building Rescources

You will have access to a multitude of resources to help build positive credit history while you work on removing negative items.

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Fully Immersed Credit Repair Training

Equip yourself with the knowledge to remove any negative items on your credit report, such as:


Late Payments

Collections & Charge Offs

Student Loans

Medical Collections

Identity Theft

Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, & Public Records

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Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

Enroll today 100% Risk Free. If you are unsatisfied within the first 7 days, we will issue a full refund. You have our word.

Masterclass Overview & Modules

Designed to help you transform your credit in 8 weeks. Here's how:

Module 1 : Credit Mastery Overview

6 Lessons

- Course Overview & What To Expect
- How Credit Works
- Credit Repair Laws
- Basic Credit Repair Strategies
- Difference between Challenging and Disputing
- Mindset and Strategy for Success

Module 2 : Setup & Preparation

6 Lessons

- Join the FB Group
- Pulling your Credit Report
- Auditing your Credit Report
- Create Online Mail Account
- Staying Organized & Keeping Track
- Create copies of Personal Identifier Documents

Module 3 : The Secrets of Why Our Process Works (and why others don't)

5 Lessons

- Confidential Content
- Confidential Content
- Confidential Content
- Confidential Content
- Confidential Content

Module 4 : Creating and Sending Your First Challenge Letters

5 Lessons

- Planning & Sending Your First Disputes
- How To Select Letters
- How To Create Your Dispute Letters Pt 1
- How to Create Your Dispute Letters Pt 2
- Timeframes & Tracking Progress
- Beyond Round 1 : Everything You Need to Know

Module 5 : Challenge Letter Masterclass

7 Lessons

- Removing Hard Inquiries FAST
- Removing Late Payments
- Removing Collections & Chargeoffs
- Removing Medical Collections with HIPAA Laws
- How to Remove Bankruptcies
- Loophooles for Removing Repossessions

Module 6 : Building Positive Credit

7 Lessons

- Where to Start - The Basics
- FICO Vs. Vantage Score
- Secured Credit Cards
- Credit Builder Loans
- The Extra Debit Card
- Report Rent Payments to Credit
- Authorized User Tradelines
- Habits to Master
- The Secrets To Having a Perfect Credit Score

BONUS - Module 7 : First Time Home-Buyer Masterclass

9 Lessons

- How Home Buying and Mortgage Lending Works
- When You Should Buy
- Downpayment Requirements + PMI
- Understanding Debt to Income Ratios
- Minimum Credit Score Requirements
- Most Common Mortgage Types & Which is Right for You
- Getting Pre-Approved + How Much Can I Afford?
- The Home Buying Process Overview
- Top 10 Reasons Transactions Fall Apart & How to Avoid Them

Get Started On Your Credit Repair Today!

Most people are able to obtain their goal of over a 700 credit score within 180 days

On-demand video library

Downloadable resourses

Credit Building Resources

Access on mobile

Bonus: First Time Home-buyer Course

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Most people are able to obtain their goal of over a 700 credit score within 180 days

On-demand video library

Downloadable resourses

Credit Building Resources

Access on mobile

Over 1,700+ graduates so far into the 700 club

Bonus: First Time Home-buyer Course

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Real People. Real Results.

Here are some of the incredible results we've seen from our students using this exact same credit repair system!

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Hey guys, thanks for checking out The School of Credit Mastery!

My name is Alex Graves, and here is why I put this course together for you:

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My mission is to help 100,000 people regain their financial health so they can create financial wealth and abundance. I believe getting your credit repaired and back on track is the first step in that process.

My story started back in 2016 when my 7 month old Amazon business got shut down by Amazon themselves! The business was growing fast, things were going well, and all of a sudden I get an email saying my products are shut down.

I won't bore you with the details but, needless to say, my livelihood went down the drain and I went from growing the business to not being able to pay my credit cards (which went to collections). So I'm no stranger to bad credit.

However, a few years ago I found out a simple, yet effective strategy to get my credit back on track and back into the 700's which is the exact same strategy I'll be teaching you in this course.

If you're on the fence, give it a try and if you don’t love it within a week I'll refund you no questions asked.

My advice would be to consume the course content at a pace that works for you, and take action immediately on the lessons you learn!

We're here to support you when you need.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our program? Here are the most frequently asked questions by our students

How long will it take to see results?

Everyone's credit is a little bit different, so its not an exact timeframe. On average, most students start seeing results within 45-60 days of their first round of letters being sent as long as they are following and implementing the strategies we teach correctly. Ultimately, this is a journey that will be well worth it in the long run when your scores improve.

I've heard credit repair doesn't work. Why is this different?

95% of credit repair doesn't work and there are two main reasons:
1. They use outdated templated dispute letters that no longer work
2. They are not implementing two of the most important aspects of credit repair. These highly unknown, secret strategies are what gets us major results for our students. I cover both of these methods in depth in the masterclass.

What is included when I become a member?

When you enroll in The School of Credit Mastery, here is what you get :
- Online Video Training with over 90+ hours of content
- Access to our Exclusive Facebook Community
- Live weekly calls and Q&A
- Downloadable resources like credit repair guides, exclusive template letters, and more!
- Credit building resources to help you build positive credit while you get rid of the negative items
- Access to our secret sauce strategies that get us better results than 95% of individuals attempting credit repair

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. If you are unhappy for any reason within 7 days of purchase, you will be granted a full refund, no questions asked.

What if I need help during the process?

When you enroll in The School of Credit Mastery, you are going to be supported every step of the way!

Our exclusive Facebook Community has students just like you who are on their credit repair journey who will be able to guide and assist you.

We also have a dedicated support team at support@schoolofcreditmastery.com where you can email them questions or concerns. We will get back to you promptly.

How much time will this take me to complete?

The course is designed to be completed over a period of 14 days. However, go at whatever pace works for you! Once you have completed the course itself, the actual credit repair will take less than 30 minutes per month for you to send your challenge and response letters to the bureaus.

What if my credit is really really bad?

This system works for all credit scores and credit profiles. Whether you just want to remove 1 item off your credit or you have a credit score in the 400's and need major repair, following these steps can get you back to the 700's and above. People with very low scores often see the most immediate and drastic results. Similar to weight loss, those with the most to lose often lose a ton of weight in the first 30-45 days of their weight loss regiment (as long as they put in the work!)

...So, Whats All Included When I Join?

Well, I'm Glad You Asked!

First, you get FULL Access to The School of Credit Mastery

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My Comprehensive First Time Homebuyer Masterclass

In this course I will cover:

How to qualify for the home of your Dreams! (Easier than you think)

Most common home-buying myths

Different Type of Mortgages

How the home-buying process works

How to know if & when you are ready to buy

Different Types of Lenders and which are best

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Your School of Credit Mastery Membership Breakdown

45+ Lessons, 7 Module Credit Mastery Class .......... $1,997 Value

Exclusive Challenge Letter Templates ................ $297 Value

Live Weekly Video Calls ............................................ $397 Value

BONUS : First Time Homebuyer Masterclass .... $997 Value

90+ Hour, 10 Module Credit Mastery Class

.................................. $1,997 Value

Exclusive Challenge Letter Templates

..................................... $297 Value

Live Weekly Video Calls

..................................... $397 Value

BONUS : First Time Homebuyer Masterclass

..................................... $997 Value

Total Value: $3,688

Normal Price : $997.00

Todays Discount:

Only $197.99



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